I've been a social media marketer since the inception of social media. I genuinely love building community and social media is a powerful tool for growing a business. I should know, I've built several using social media exclusively with no paid advertising. Organic works but you have to have great content!

I've worked with clients such as Ford Motor Co. and Toyota on nationwide social media campaigns and regularly work with smaller businesses guiding them on strategy and helping with content creation. Whether you need help getting started or need a team to effectively run your campaigns, my team and I can help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please scroll down to learn a little bit more about our social media services.

I launched in March of 2018 but it has been a business several years in the making. You see, as a Professional Photographer clients hire me to create amazing photos of their business. As I started to work with more and more business owners, I began to notice some clients just didn't understand how to properly leverage the photos I had created throughout the year.

Often times, the clients would use the images for their website or a few social media posts but then they would rarely be used again. It bothered me. Photos are assets much like a tractor is to a farm. They have real, long term value (just ask your accountant). Ultimately, these clients were not realizing or earning a proper return on their investment.

After consulting with several clients and teaching them how to better leverage the photography I had created for them, 1DS was born. is a content creation company. We create stunning, custom content for businesses for $1 a day. We also have social media managers who can run your social media platforms so you don't have to. If you're looking for affordable social media management and content creation, look no further.

To learn more please visit or feel free to contact me.

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