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As a lifestyle photographer, I work with brands to tell their stories and showcase their personnel, products, services, and events through photography. My clients use the images for their websites, social media, online and print advertising. Consumers today demand to see the company and its culture and what it stands for in exchange for the hard earned dollars. Stock photography is not really an option when it comes to showcasing YOUR business. A typical corporate lifestyle session includes portraits, customers, and still life. Take a look at some of the industries I work with.

Health & Wellness

I do a lot of work in the health and wellness space. I’ve worked with gym owners, personal trainers, and health and wellness practitioners from San Francisco to San Diego. Messaging is everything in this industry and to gain a competitive advantage, your marketing and messaging needs to be on point. My clients understand this and hire me quarterly to come in and create images that are powerful and captivating to help attract new business. Take a look of some of my work below. 

Pilates Photography


I shoot a lot in the medical industry. Typically a company will hire me to come in to the office take headshots, environmental portraits, and shots of the staff and customers engaging. This helps bring some warmth and a sense of humanness in a typically sterile environment. As medical related businesses strive to connect with their target markets, the demand for photography that creates a sense of warmth and trust is increasingly required. Take a look below at work we’ve done for medical professionals.

Business Services

Attorney’s, Accountants, Financial, and other service professionals hire me to help them improve their image. The photos are mainly used on websites, social media profiles, and in print advertising. Check out some of my work below. 

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